Nice to meet you. I'm D'Nessa, a San Antonio brand identity designer. I started this journey in 2018 at San Antonio College where I received my education in communication design. After graduating in 2020 I went on to work at J 12 Designs, a San Antonio website design agency, where my focus is brand identity design. 
While a brand's identity does include logo design, there are still many more moving parts. A brand's identity encompasses color, typography, patterns, textures, and style. Those elements are used across all mediums, like print, website design, packaging design, logo design, social media design, and more. By bringing these things together we've created a visual system that is cohesive and consistent so that audiences can identify our brands. This is part of making our brand stand out to our audience and separating itself from all the other brands as well.
When I'm not talking about brand identity design, you may find me playing my Nintendo Switch or PC. You may also see I love to exercise and be outdoors biking and hiking. I'm also a fan of watching cartoons like The Legend of Korra, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and too many more.
San Antonio College | San Antonio, TX
2018 - 2020

San Antonio College | San Antonio, TX
2014 - 2016
Work History
J 12 DESIGNS | 2020 - Present | San Antonio, TX
Employs strategic design thinking to craft inspirational design outputs in alignment with project goals and client guidelines. Collaboratively participates in proof-of-concept efforts to generate the overall look and feel of projects and initiatives. Identifies, socializes, and helps implement design best practice tools, templates, and technologies to drive both effectiveness and efficiency.

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